Private Training 1:1 (£60 per hour)

Minimum Booking Time: 2 Hours Duration

Private training is open to all levels, but we mainly find that people opt for this after they have completed the 2 days of group training.

Private training is strictly a minimum of 2 hours per booking as by the time we have sorted kit, got changed and set up equipment we don’t have much time left for the lesson itself.

Privates can be 1 : 1 or 1 : 2 persons and based upon Get Kiteboarding’s excellent teaching record and methods, the coaching will be specific to you and your needs and will help you develop in the fastest and most positive way possible.

We will reinforce any areas that still need to be covered with the main aim being to get you riding independently.


For total beginners who are taking private lessons, the first few hours take a similar path to the group beginner course but after this, and moving much quicker than the group training we then go much further to cover:

  • In-depth equipment analysis & fine tuning of kitesurfing equipment
  • Advanced wind, weather & sea condition theory
  • Advanced stance and weight distribution in relation to riding upwind or on waves
  • Your first transitions & carve turns
  • Introduction of your first olly, pop or jump
  • Aerial tricks & tips
  • Plenty of practice under supervision

Throughout your private training, the main aim will be that you have the knowledge and skills needed to continue this sport as an independent kitesurfer. You will be able to choose suitable equipment set up according to the wind, weather & location you are kiting from. Ultimately, you should be will able to kite-surf anywhere in the world safely & have loads of fun after you have completed your training.

Meeting Point:

Billy’s On The Beach Café
Bracklesham Lane
Bracklesham Bay
West Sussex
PO20 8JH

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